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This is a blog of my thoughts of restaurants that I have tried out . These reviews are just my opinion not law. When I visit restaurants I PAY FOR MY FOOD!!  That way I can share my truth about the restaurants and not be held to what someone wants me to say. Lol.... Let's go!!

Sylvia's Soul Food

328 Malcolm X Boulevard

New York, New York 10027

         Sitting in the heart of Harlem and surrounded by a vast amount of bodegas and small hole in the wall eateries, Sylvia's stands out with its bold purple and gold store front. Seeing a line making its way from the window to the middle of the sidewalk made me think that the food would be all that and then some. The wait was kind of long about a hour and for NYC I found this to be about the norm, if not longer at some restaurants. Sylvia's is still doing the full menu everything from fried chicken to meatloaf, collards to black-eyed peas, along with a short list of cakes and pies. I approached the window and the customer service was great. I ordered the smothered fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, buttered corn, candied yams and small sweet cornbread loaf. 

    The review of the smothered chicken: Like most people I eat with my eyes and this right out of the box didn't look good to me. I don't understand why anyone would fry chicken then drown it in gravy! I'm not a fan of soggy, jelly chicken skin and this skin was like a cooked pigs foot. After pulling back the skin and exposing the white meat of the chicken breast I surprisingly found the chicken to be very moist and the gravy to be good despite the look of the dish. 

I know, Dorian its smothered chicken what did you expect? I have no idea, I just didn't like the way it looked. 

      Moving on to the sides, I found the sides to be really subpar the greens seemed to have come out of a can and the mac and cheese had very little cheese in it other then what was baked on the top and there was a lack of flavor. The candied yams where just ok. I appreciated the fact that it was clearly a fresh yam although there was a clear unbalance of vanilla and nutmeg I think a pinch of salt and cinnamon would have given the dish more balance. The buttered corn...was just that, buttered corn. 

         Now let me do some sidestepping,  although Sylvia's food was not to my liking when in NYC I would go back. The reason I would go back is that the Woods family  (they own the restaurant) have been big advocates of giving back to the community that they serve. So, for that reason I would go back. I just wouldn't get the same dishes. I give Sylvia's a 3.5 tart rating. I look forward to sharing more of my dining experiences with you in the future.

Chef Dorian

Trust The Process

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